Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bye Hypersomnia!

I've got some great news. I think my hypersomnia is gone! Bye-bye. :)

I've been progressivly sleeping less and, though I'm still not back to 100%, I'm thrilled! Since I've stopped taking the Seasonique my health has greatly improved. I'm sooooo excited to be getting my life back and not needing to sleep so much. Now... one obstacle down - two to go.

Obstacle one - Pain: As you might have read on other posts here, I was taking Seasonique to limit the pain of my endometriosis. (And it had been working great for that!) Unfortunately now that I'm off the medicine, the pain has returned and is getting more and more intense. I will say that my GYN still doesn't believe this was the cause of my hypersomnia. But I don't care if it doesn't make sense to him because the FACT is my hypersomnia is going away and the only factor that had changed was that I stopped taking the Seasonique. He told me I only had three options:

  1. Take Seasonique (or another medicine like it) to ease the pain but sleep all the time
  2. Not take Seasonique (or other meds) and be in pain but not sleep so much
  3. Have a hysterectomy and begin estrogen treatments.
Really? I have no other choices but this? Whatever.

So besides finding a new GYN (which is really too bad because I liked him), I'm going to look into some traditional Chinese Medicine treatments like acupuncture to see if I can help ease the pain and look into some alternative options to improve my diet in ways that might help.

Obstacle two - Weight: Being hypersomnic for two years has really caused my weight to hit a high point. I've probably gained about 30lbs since becoming sick which is normal with sleep disorders. I'm hopeful that since I'm sleeping less that I'll have much more energy and time to exercise and fix wonderful health meals. :) Prayerfully a lighter me will help adjust my hormones and also take some pressure off to ease my endo pain too.

Exercise goals are much more motivating for me than weight goals so I've set some goals to work out 3 times per week at first. This should also help me as a train for these hikes I posted about: Guadalupe Peak & Camino de Santiago

Generally, I hope to increase my exercise like this:
Jan - walk 1 mile straight 3 times per week (include some 2 mile walks too when possible) - Success! (lost 6 lbs so far...which is the first bit of weight I've been able to lose since I became sick. woo-hoo!!

Feb - 2 miles straight, 3 times per week
Mar - 3 miles straight, 3 times per week plus some weight training once per week
April - 4 miles straight, 3 times per week & weight training once per week
May - 4 miles straight, 3 times per week & weight training 2 times per week
June - 4 miles straight, 3 times per week with pack; & weight training 2 times per week
July - 4 miles straight, 3 times per week with pack; & weight training 2 times per week
Aug - 4 miles straight, 3 times per week with pack; & weight training 2 times per week
Sept - Hike Guadalupe Peak with Dad! (6-8 hr hike)

That's pretty aggressive but they are simply goals - I'll adjust them if needed :) I know so many of you are rejoicing with me on the news. Thanks so much for your understanding and love. I'm excited!

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