Monday, December 3, 2012

One Year of Blogging!

Those words are the perfect two words to begin today's post. 
December marks one year of blogging for me!

Blogging Benefits: 
  • I've connected with some wonderful bloggers
  • Silver Trumpets has been a great way to share what I'm learning in my faith
  • Some things I've written have inspired others
  • Since I've been so sick, blogging has been one way to keep people 'in the loop'
  • It's a resource for me to go back and read when I need encouragement

Many more benefits? Yes, but let's get to today's post. *grin* I'm reading a book of stories written by women sharing their solo travel adventures. One woman in particular shared her writings of inspiration. She traveled once a month into nature to reflect and wrote about what she experienced. Have you done that lately? A recent experience I had while driving home the other day compelled me to write. Here it is...Enjoy!


There is a river in the sky,
set off in highlights of peacock blue & light rose pink,
that continuously shifts its banks as the ripples of starlings fly south.
The Texas November holds its breath
right before the winter month's deep sigh
and these little birds stretch out as far as one can see in either direction.
It seems I could simply reach up
for a wing of one black shadow
to be whisped inside their flowing current to unknown
adventurous perches and peace,
...and I am ready.

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