Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oh the blessings continue...

#1 - I received Chidodolo's Compassion packet in the mail tonight. Yay! So I "emailed" my first letter to him. They have some nice templates online to use so I picked the one with the soccer ball. I think he'd like that. It's much different writing to someone who is his age, at 18, than it is with Purity, who is 8. I like it though. Some new things I learned about him are that he helps with cleaning and around the kitchen at home. Also, I have gotten more information about his hobbies. :) It seems he likes group games and is very active, as in he likes not only running, soccer/football but also acrobatics.

#2 - God has blessed me recently to be able to pay off all the debt from my medical bills, put some cash into my savings account and to also provide both of my Compassion family's with a special extra gift. Compassion representatives will meet with each family and help them decide the best way to use the money. 100% of my additional gift goes right to them. Imagine what a small extra gift from me can purchase over there! I'm looking forward to seeing God work and I really pray that this reminds Purity, Chidodolo, and their families how special they are to Him.

#3 - I've been rebuilding a friendship with an ex-boyfriend who I dated several years ago. It's been nice to just talk and laugh together again. And...*in my best Forrest Gump voice* that's all I have to say about that. :)

#4 - I had a great time hanging out with a sister night before last. We talked and did a Dollar Tree run where we bought small items to put together in Zip-Lock bags. Most people call them "Blessing Bags" and the idea is that you offer them to people asking for money or help at stop lights. A few years ago, I had a men's shaving kit randomly in my car that was suppose to be for a raffle that didn't end up happening. I asked this guy, named Eric - knew his name because I often tried to encourage him when I was at this red light, if he could use it. He said yes so I passed it to him and drove away. The next day I saw him again. We didn't get to speak because I was in a lane that was further away but I noticed instantly he was completely clean, shaven, and put together. You could just tell he felt better. I saw that and my eyes started watering. It really is the little things, ya know? So in these two blessing bags that I made, I also put an encouragement note with scripture and I've been praying for God to get these bags into the hands of the man He's decided needs them. Here's a picture:

They each include the following: Tooth brush (with small case) and paste, 3 razors, soap, socks, chap stick, tissue, floss, lotion, deodorant, wash cloth, shampoo, and a granola bar. (less than $18 to make both of them) I'm excited to see what God does!

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