Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yellow & Breathe Deeply

I had the chance to sit on my garden bench recently and enjoy the pretty day. It really is so good for my spirit! Here are some of my musings:

Not all the beginning of winter is gloom.
The fig leaves are a bright yellow 
especially when the sun puts lip gloss on them.
And they are happy in their color change
for now they have a chance to float on air
like the yellow butterflies in my garden;
the ones they have been watching in envy.
Since my home has yellow siding to contrast its bricks
and the yellow sun in the cloudless sky
tosses yellow beams of happiness
which collect on the ground all around me,
...if I had the power to name today...
" Yellow "  it would be.

Breathe Deeply
Breathe deeply...sometimes I have to remind myself.
Just like I have to remind myself to rest my pen
or set the laptop aside
to let my eyes soak in my surrounds like my lungs tug in the air.
I don't want to miss the butterflies flit
or the way the grass does lyrical hip hop in the breeze.
Some leaves still cherish their tree and sing their finale song
- shall I not pause to listen and give ovation?

I've let my body grow too stiff,
so I'll stand and 'branch out' with the tree - it's a good teacher.
My trees purge what they no longer need.
I must do the same!

I don't sit out here near enough.
Lord, it's you that meets with me here on my garden bench;
refreshing and strengthening me.
I taste the bread and sip the juice
while you fill our garden with healing angels.

...And I do feel better.


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