Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Young Man from Tanzania

Meet Chidodolo!

This is a young man that I just began to sponsor, Chidodolo Willium John. This is how they wrote his name and since they kept addressing him as Chidodolo even though it looks like a last name to me - lol, I'll just go with that for now. Anyway, he is from Tanzania west of Dodoma. And yes, as you can probably tell, he is older - 18 years old. But I've been praying about sponsoring a 'boy' and specifically praying for one that would have a great impact on his community. Then I saw this huge smile and personality in the midst of a hard life and I thought - him.

Funny enough, I was on the phone with mom showing her a few of the ones I was thinking of sponsoring and she accidentally selected Chidodolo and put him in her online cart without realizing it. "Ah mom, it's saying now that he's been sponsored already..oh well, that so great for him!"

When she realized 10 minutes later that he was actually in her cart, I knew by the reaction of excitement in my spirit that he was the kid. Also, I happen to laugh with joy each time I see his happy face and his full length picture.  

So what I've learned about him so far is that he carries water for the family, cares for the other children and washes clothes.  He participates in bible class, choir and camp at the compassion center. In school, his performance is above average. Soccer, singing and running seem to be his favorite activities. His mom is sometimes employed as a farmer which would help her to earn the equivalent of $6 per month. *yikes* My sponsorship helps support the center's provisions of bible teaching, medical exams, school tuition and supplies, tutoring, field trips and recreational activities.  

I can't wait to write him, learn about him and his family...and tonight, the prayers officially begin!


  1. What an awesome smile!!! I am so happy for you and for him, too.

    We sponsored another girl last week - from Burkina Faso : )

  2. I read a post about the kids in Burkina Faso...so moving!

    Talk about happy and blessed...It's the children who get Jill Foley and her family as their sponsors. For real!