Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Simple Halloween Costume Ideas

Here is the pun Halloween costume I wore to work this year :) Can you guess what I am?

I like simple, clever costumes. Other years my costume has been:
  1. Having numbers all over me to be "someone you can count on"
  2. Wearing a green sweatshirt with letters NV on the front to be "Green with Envy"
  3. Wearing regular clothes and a sign around my neck that reads: "Nudist on strike"
  4. Couple's outfit: Guy wearing a large E on the front of his shirt, me wearing a cartoon paperclip on my shirt. On his back said, "E-male" and on my back said "Attachment"
  5. Wear a cute dress, draw read circles on my cheeks and attach a simple but large aluminum covered cardboard key to be a wind up baby doll
I have a few more ideas for the next two years but I'll save those. So the answer to this year's costume?

MUCHO "DeNiro" (pun for the having a lot of money in Spanish)

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