Monday, July 2, 2012

Quick Craft for Patriotic Holidays

My neighbors decorate for all the holidays. I've been wanting a unique patriotic wreath for my front door to use during July 4th, Memorial Day, or Veteran's Day. This wreath cost me only $9 to make and took about 2 hours to finish. (Of course I was watching tv as I worked too - ha)

  • 2 red bandanas
  • 2 white bandanas
  • 1 blue bandana
  • 1 foam wreath (12")
  • grab a pair of scissors

  • Cut the hems off the bandanas
  • Take the blue bandana and cut about 3/4" from the edge then rip it until you have a single strip. (repeat)
  • Take a blue strip, wrap it in half around the foam wreath and tie a bow. (or you can tie a double knot and cut the ends later - I rather liked the bows look

  • After you are satisfied with your blue section, continue with the red and white

  • I 'reused' 3 of the hems I cut off by braiding them into a loop hook to hang the wreath

  • Finally, I tied 3 white bows in the blue section to represent stars

How cute is that? I'm very satisfied.

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