Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Never Tap Out

Not everyone knows the background of the phrase "never tap out" but it's a sentiment that comes out of the Ultimate Fighting Competitions (UFC) for mixed-martial arts. Of course a fighter can be knocked out but also, and more strategically, an opponent can use a submission move (putting a joint or limb under serious stress or pinning someone to where they can't move or fight back). When this happens the fighter in the losing position taps the ground or his opponent to show he gives up and quits.

So the phrase, "never tap out" is a clever way to say never give up!

I don't watch UFC anymore but I have not forgotten this simple lesson. I even had a black t-shirt made and with hot pink letters that says,

I can't tell you how many have read my shirt with a puzzled look and asked, "tap dance?" LOL. But no, it is saying that Jesus didn't quit. He didn't give up. He's the ultimate example, the ultimate champion! Any reminders of that and of not giving up...well, that just flat inspires me!

One day I watch an interview of a UFC fighter that has a reputation as being one of the best in the industry. The ref had stopped a recent fight due to this fighter becoming injured. His opponent had actually been able to place him in a traditional submisson move that is called an 'arm bar.' It puts stress on the elbow in an attempt to make the other person tap. As I watched the footage, amazingly (or stupidly - ha) this fighter didn't give up. All of a sudden *SNAP* he let his arm be broken! And then...he kept fighting!!!!! But the ref had stopped the fight.

The interviewer asked him why didn't he just tap out and the fighter replied something like, "Because you don't quit in a fight. Every day people are fighting. You fight to get up and provide for your kids and family. You fight just to make it in life. Life is a fight...and you don't quit even when you get injured. Besides, I knew I could beat him even with only one arm."

Ha, I never said those guys weren't cocky. :) But in many ways, he's right. Life is a fight....and some of the most amazing fighters I've seen or read about are from the Christian faith. And I don't have to tell you, if you're a Christian, all the opponents or battles you fight daily.

So my friend, never tap out. Next time you feel you are getting all beat up or beat down by this world, just imagine Jesus standing at ring side with a sign above his head that reads:

"I believe in you! Never tap out."

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