Friday, May 18, 2012

Your Inner Light

If it looks as though I'm communicating to someone behind the camera, I am. I'm talking to ME! I'm expressing private truths to myself about my inner light through these photos which maybe only I understand.

I was challenged in the "inner EXCAVATION" book I'm reading to take self portraits. The photos are not meant to be focused on your look, being stylish or taking the perfect picture by having everything "in place." The focus is about expressing your inner light.

The book challenged me so now I challenge you to a quick self portrait session in which you try to express your inner light! Please remember, it's not about perfect pictures. When I look at my hair in these shots or my gentle rolls I kind of cringe, but I'm trying to be courageous because I want to remember and remind those great women around you shines a light and in Jesus you are enough!

Now go speak some truths to yourself through your camera :)

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