Thursday, May 10, 2012

Last Minute Gift Idea for Mom

Even though Mom and I are celebrating Mother's Day with a mother/daughter day the weekend after the holiday, I still wanted to send both my mom and grandma flowers on the actual day. Yet even with all my planning ahead, I received a call yesterday that the flowers I purchased to encourage them could not be delivered. (they live too far in the boonies - ha) So, I've been hustling to find another gift. Sometime between 1-3AM last night an idea hit me.

Today I bought blue antique Mason jars, a whole bunch of antique buttons, and a candle to create a sentimental (and country tailored) gift for them. I filled the jars with buttons and wedged a sweet smelling candle in each. It will be easy for them to replace the candle when this one is done. I'm going to include the lid because it adds a stronger antique look. Also, I printed a picture of the flower arrangements I wanted to send each of them and on the back printed a poem I wrote to explain why this gift was symbolic.

Below are some photos and the poem.


The poem I wrote, reads:
"Buttons fasten things together
and a candle lights the way.
They each symbolize
my thoughts of you on Mother's Day.
Buttons to represent the moments
you've kept our family entwined
and a candle signifies the light
which you continually shine."

You could fill a container with anything around the candle. I've seen wine corks or you could use pebbles, silk flowers to line the inside, shells, funky fabric pieces...whatever. I was super stressed yesterday when I had to cancel the flower order but I'm happy that a cute & creative gift came to life because of the time crunch. Anyway, just a little idea I thought I'd share. I'm hoping this will bring them happy thoughts each time they look at it or light the candle. Oh, and I had enough left over to make a little one for myself. Bonus! :)

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