Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Before I Go Home: a list

Hi God,
These things kind of sprung up from my time of meditation the other afternoon in random order. And in Jesus' name, my Wonderful, I want to pray to You about them. I know this isn't a spiritual 'works' list or one for boasting because I'm not saved by accomplishing these things nor would any of them happen if You didn't help me. I know according to Your word that with a true faith comes action. Many of these dreams, Lord, come from a desire inside me to pay forward what I've been given by You and others. Whether big or small dreams, I guess I simply enjoy spending time with You and dreaming together! I've placed a tiny star * by the ones You've allowed me to complete so far and I just want to say thank You so much.
  1. Share my personal testimony publicly*
  2. Take a prayer walk in the Mount of Olives
  3. Lead bible studies for women who are wanting to know Christ*
  4. See the sunrise 7 days in a row
  5. Give a gas card to a stranger
  6. Memorize a psalm*
  7. Sign up to be an organ donor*
  8. Take a spiritual retreat (maybe even a silent retreat)
  9. Learn to recite a scripture in Hebrew*
  10. Adopt a child*
  11. Serve the homeless a bunch*
  12. Mentor in my community*
  13. Share bible lessons with groups of women*
  14. Give someone a car*

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