Thursday, April 5, 2012

Praying Blessings All Around

I was reading the other day about the practice of blessing and it was inspiring! For many years, I have prayed silent blessings over people (especially children). Here are some other ideas...

Bless Strangers Quietly: "Another practice invites us to bless strangers quietly, secretly. Offer it to people you notice on the street, in the market, on the bus. 'May you be happy. May you be at peace.' Feel the blessing move through your body as you offer it. Notice how you both receive some benefit from the blessing. Gently, almost without effort, each and every blessing becomes a Sabbath." by Wayne Muller

Bless food: Pray for blessings that the food you eat nourish you, sustain you, and energize you! Also, "Blessings around food gently remind us that we are fragile, dependent human beings who cannot create our own sustenance." by Howard Cooper

Say Bless You: "Very often now, instead of saying 'Thank you,' I say, 'Bless you,' and people appreciate it much, much more. Last week, for instance, someone responded, 'I could use a blessing.' " by Toinette Lippe

Bless a Child: Mine are never this elaborate but this was beautiful.  "Welcome, dearest child, welcome to your two families, rich heritages converging in you. There never has been, there never will be anyone like you. You are unique! Welcome to this world — so finely formed and fragile yet amazingly tenacious and abundant...Freely and gladly accept the bounty it offers. Welcome to the marvelous era in which you were born. It promises wondrous possibilities. You have before you unimaginable frontiers, great discoveries, and new meanings. Seize your days!" by Edward Searl

Bless Your Job: Pray spiritual blessings, financial responsibility, growth and success to your job (company) and those you work with during the day.

A Poem: Make Me a Blessing
Make me a blessing to those that I meet
Make me a blessing as I walk down the street
Make me a blessing this day, even this hour
Make me a blessing. It lies in your power.
Make me a blessing at work and at home
Make me a blessing wherever I roam
Make me a blessing that people may see
I am a blessing for you are with me."

Bless God: You read right. The KJV has many scriptures with the phrase "bless the Lord." Nowadays newer versions write it as "praise the Lord" but in a scripture like Psalm 115:18 ( the words in Hebrew for these two phrases are different. In a sense, when applied to God, it's like you are saying "may that which is good be given back to You. (adapted from Richard Roper) I've found myself talking to God and giving him praise, telling Him that I hope He has a good day today, and that He's happy.

These are just a few ideas...the options are endless...but please share if you have more ideas! May the rest of the day be full of prayers focused on blessings for others.

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