Friday, April 20, 2012

Ideas- Bonding & Building Your Friendships

Jesus loved deeply so I imagine his times with friends were interesting, fun and with a heart to build memories. Since my thoughts have been on friendship this week, I thought I'd share some ideas of things to do with your 'bestie' to build memories. Most of these I've done in the past and loved! So grab a friend with your prayerful hand and get creative!  

Movie Insider: create an activity based on a movie you both enjoy. Make costumes, hats, really dress the part and set up a time to watch the movie. Here's an example of me and one of my friends in our homemade 'yaya' hats.

Vacation/Staycation Together: This doesn't have to cost much money. It just takes a tiny bit of planning to enjoy the next town over or experience something in town you've never done before. How about giving a cute B&B a try? Travel sites run plenty of last minute deals. Decide to both save some money, decide what weekend to go, then at the last minute look for a hotel. Skeptical? My friend and I did this and ended up staying in a 5-star hotel for only $99 a night. That's just a little over $50 each to stay in one of the fancy hotels in our area! Seriously.

Spa Night: Probably something you've done before but I like to encourage these. There are few things as bonding as grown women staying up late into the night swapping stories and beauty tips.

Local Activities: Go biking together in a park. Grab you best gal pal and try out the newest gym in the neighborhood. Fancy restaurant you've always wanted to try? Then invite your best friend. Here's a picture of my friend and I enjoying the IMAX theater at the local museum one night after work. (thus the smurfy photo tone) LOL

Serve Those in Need: Decide to encourage together! Volunteer together. Have a 'girls lunch' to make cards for the homeless to encourage them or to write letters to women staying a local women's shelter. Take brownies to the local fire department, police station, or maybe even the night staff at the ER to thank them for all their hard work.

The Closet: One weekend have your friend come over and help you go through your closet. Get advise on new ways to put outfits together, or how to accessorize, or what to give away. Later make plans to go to her place to do the same. Nothing like bonding over fashion.

Say Cheese! Grab a disposable camera, grab your best friend and go outside and take pictures. It's great in the Springtime! Go to inspiring parks, wide open fields of flowers, local lakes. Then drop the camera off at some place that has one-hour development, as for double prints and take off for lunch/dinner. Pick the pictures up afterwards. I know two ladies in our campus ministry who just did this and posted the pictures on facebook. The photos were beautiful!

Summer fun: One of my favorite memories is sitting in my backyard with one of my best friends, in bathing suits and relaxing in the sprinkler with ice tea during a hot summer day. Or you can go to the pool or a lake close by and chill with a snow cone. This simple activity allows plenty of time for girl talk.

Living Legacy: Plant a friendship tree or maybe some type of perennial flowers to celebrate your friendship. Then on the anniversary each year of the 'planting' think about celebrating with a weekend as friends :)

Afternoon Tea: Spoil yourselves by setting up an afternoon tea with your closest friends. Dress in your fancy cotton dresses, hats, even gloves, and enjoy some tea and simple snacks. Some ideas are strawberries, finger sandwiches, dark chocolates. You can find dainty tea cups at local thrift stores or antique malls for a reasonable cost or invite them to bring their own favorite tea cup :) Too much work? Go to a local antique mall that has a tea room.

Summertime Christmas: Don't wait until the end of the year to celebrate. Turn down the AC, bundle up on the couch and watch Christmas movies. Bake cookies, exchange encouraging's nice to have the Christmas Spirit and celebrate Christ even when the temperature is blaring hot.

Want more ideas? Check out this amazingly creative site: Girlfriend

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  1. Awww I adore this. We've had so much fun -- staycation and the sprinklers are among my favorites. :)