Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Purging the Heart & Mind

Vacations provide so many benefits! I find one specific thing seems to always take place. God takes the first day or so to help me purge my heart and mind. I already knew my next trip would be a challenge for me because I have hypersomnia (select the hypersomnia link to learn more about this chronic illness) so knowing that God would also use the time to clear out my heart and thinking would be another challenge in itself.

After visiting with friends on my vacation, I headed out on the open road toward Eugene, OR to stay at an organic farm. They have a wonderful and eclectic cottage on the farm that would be perfect for unwinding. It was there that God began his work. The innkeeper of the cottage told me a story about having a business woman stay there. She had to encourage her guest to take time to rest even for just a little bit. She suggested to her that if she had to work on vacation then to at least go and do it in the hammock! That guest ended up sleeping for three hours rocking in the hammock and enjoying the outside air. When she woke she thanked the innkeeper and said she hadn't realized how tired she had been. Often we are going so habitually hard core that we don't even see the gas tank light of our body blinking that we are running low.

I continually need reminders not to get pulled into the world of being rushed and worried. So I decided to rest, journal and eat organic, simple food before falling asleep. Sometimes we need reminders that it's OK to take care of yourself and it's not OK or healthy to live your life completely by your calendar. As one of my favorite books says, "Even God rested." He did it to set an example because he knew we'd need it!

When was the last time you had some real rest? Maybe it's time...God can use it to pull you close, purge some bad roots, and refresh you heart. You deserve it! Below are some photos from the organic farm & cottage for you to enjoy too.

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