Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nourish My Soul

Antique sewing table w/granite top & chair for less than $180!
When I was little, one of my favorite new school items was a "Mead: Trapper Keeper." Not only would it have a pretty picture on the front, like a rainbow or kittens, but I could actually stand it up at my school desk and create a sanctuary. 

As I've gotten older I still create special sanctuaries. I know for many women it's important to be surrounded by beauty and inspiration so that we can cast aside the woes of the world and focus on what nourishes our souls.

Where is your sanctuary? Are you like one of my best friends who enjoyed going to a special lake to talk to God and see cranes? Is there a mountain you climb for inspiration? Do you have a garden to wander or a park trail to jog? Or do you, like me, create your own sanctuary in some special corner of your home?

I traded the large folder system popped out on a table for a little art room that is fresh with light and energy. It is the place I paint, exercise, write, relax and feed my soul. One whole wall is full of windows while the opposite walls embrace my creative corner that is full of things to call my focus back to a simpler self. Recently, I created an inspiration area on one wall. By taking a large, empty picture frame, hanging it on the wall, and taping up whatever refocuses me and feeds my soul, I have a creative space that's ever changing and fun.

Sometimes having a special place is the perfect thing to get your mind and heart focused back on the Lord. Hopefully, one day when I'm in heaven I can talk to some of the early disciples and ask them where they sat to write about Jesus or where they went to remember God and be creative. I can't wait! 

If you have a photo of your special place and want to share a sanctuary idea, then email it to

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