Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kick that Day Planner to the Curb

Many of us live our lives according to a calendar. Personally, I had a moment in 2010, and a vacation to a country where they are much more easy going, that totally convinced me..."I DON'T have to live that way, even as a Christian." (and neither do you.)

Let's talk about being free spirited. What does this mean? Well, it might just mean kicking your day planner, wall or ipad calendar to the curb and breaking out sometimes.

It's hard to be free spirited. Not only have we trained ourselves to schedule, schedule, schedule but we are also very self conscious. Yet, it's our free spirited moments that make us embrace life and have joyful fun sometimes. My point, even though I'm about to give examples, is not necessarily to do these specific things but to be open to having something fun come to mind and acting on it.

Some illustrations:  
  • Take a walk during a work break and don't plan your path...just walk.
  • Great song come on the radio in the car? Sing out loud & dance around in the seat. (this is sure to make people smile)
  • Take a morning drive on Saturday and stop at a random shop you've always seen but never been into.
  • Try to mimick the call of the next bird you hear singing. Bobwhite quails are some of my favorites. (video of their call)
  • When you stand up out of bed in the morning do a Snoopy dance.
  • Create your own holiday.
  • Adventurously pick out a new recipe and make it for dinner.
  • Wave at people in the cars you meet while going down small roads.
  • Give the kid'os a list of options for places to go one Saturday morning and let them pick. Then just go!
  • Go spend time relaxing in a hammock. I knew a guy who had one in his bedroom just because it was relaxing.
  • Wear a color of clothing unlike what you'd normally wear.
  • Can one thing on your calendar for next week be removed? Do it and give yourself that open time to be a free spirit.
  • Skip! Yeah, you read right. http://iskip.com/blog/ 
  • Stop one morning before walking into work and appreciate the sunrise or stop for a moment while leaving work and take in the sunset.

    Basically, to be free spirited you have to live in the present moment. We are often thinking of what's next on our calendar but as you live in the moment, the free spirit in you will walk out.

    Talk about kicking the 'planned' life to the curb..check out this free spirit. Just a fun video: Watch the video called 'the Longest Way'

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