Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Look for the Doors

Crocheting. This is something creative I like to do in the winter. In a lot of ways it's a lost art and you might be surprised to learn that a grandma is not the one who taught me.

One day I was on a campus watching people in our college ministry play volleyball. As I walked up to a group, I noticed a young lady with a very puzzled look on her face that turned to a bored expression. I introduced myself and joined to listen to the conversation. The women were sharing about their wonderful time at camp and who could blame them?! Unfortunately, they were speaking in a lot of church lingo. Ah, now I understood the young lady's confused, bored look. She had no way to join the conversation.

So I turned to her and asked what she did as a hobby. She shrugged and said, I like to crochet. "Really?!," I said. This young lady was only about 18yrs. old and was very alternative with a punk'ish style so this was not exactly the hobby I expected. I love it when people surprise me! So I began asking her more questions and asked if she'd ever taught anyone. You should have seen her come out of her colorful shell! Right then and there, we set up a time to get together. It was decided. She'd teach me how to crochet a blanket and I'd teach her about God.

We had so much fun together. Although, she decided that she didn't want to follow God at that time, I am hopeful about the seeds God helped me to plant. And I use the lesson she gave to me too! I still make blankets and usually donate them to people that are sick or in hospice. Each time I make a blanket, I remember her and try to pray for her.

This is just one tiny example of how I've seen God open someone up when I look for their passions, or what I like to think of as the doors into their heart. I forget to do this too often, so instead of working to pull people into my world, I'm strive to connect more with them within their passions.

Let's face it, we get talked AT all the time, sometimes we just need people to ask us questions and listen. I've broken down more walls with my ears than with my hands. Here's to making a decision to look for the doors!


  1. Love this post! I really like how you guys served each other by one teaching about crocheting and the other about God... Really cool idea I need to remember in the future when I reach out... That's really awesome how you pray for her when you make the blankets... really shows how God can give us little reminders of who we should pray for. <3