Thursday, December 15, 2011

Some Encouragement Gifts & Ideas

Prayer Flower – Cut five 4-inch long petals, a stem, a circle, and a few leaves out of construction paper. Write an inspiring verse on the cicle which will become the inside of the flower. Use the original 5 petals to cut out 5 more. Using a simple laminate sheet, put the flower together using the first 5 petals, circle, stem and leaves. Take another laminate sheet and place it over the first so that your flower is totally laminated. After that cut the edges around the flower. Give instructions to your SP that they can tape this flower to the wall, write prayer requests on the remaining paper petals, and tape those then to the flower as a reminder of special things they are praying for and that is on their heart. Click here for one post where I created some!

Coffee Mug Surprises – Fill a coffee cup with mints, candies, or specialty teas for a quick surprise. I created these as a thank you gift for some co-workers.

Movie Basket – Find a medium size basket and fill with a gift card for a movie rental. Include microwave popcorn, drinks, and some candy.

Pride and Joy Gift – Buy a disposable camera and take funny pictures of yourself at different places around your city. Give the camera as a gift (include the price of development or a gift card to a local one-hour photo shop) to your SP. They will have the anticipation and surprise of picking them up. This is an especially good gift for grandparents.

Bed and Breakfast Getaway – Clean and decorate your SP’s bedroom and bathroom for a night of relaxation. On the bedroom door, tape a piece of paper that mirrors a hotel room number (consider making a do not disturb sign). Create a personalized name for your B & B and make a little note “Welcoming” them to a night of relaxation.

Man’s Best Friend Gift – Buy their pet a gift. Animal lovers feel special when their pets are given gifts as well. My Jack Russell Terrier named D.O.G. was given this sweet pair of reindeer ears. HA HA.

Birthday/Anniversary/Coworkers/Fellowship  – Have friends of your SP write notes, draw pictures, tell stories, or send well wishes on a different sheet of paper in a spiral notebook.

** Variation: you can place stories and well wishes on slips of paper and placed in a decorative container.

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