Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Dare You To Move

As a baby-Christian, I justified continuing to listen to popular pop/rap music stations because I mentored in the teen ministry. At that time, I picked up teens from one city and drove them twice a week 1 hour 30 minutes away to our church building. It was a long drive so it was helpful to know what music was popular and what the teens listened to so that I could monitor the music. Even though none of them wanted to become Christians, I was able to ask them questions about why they liked certain songs or artists and share my faith with them and my past. A few years before becoming a disciple, I had only heard one Christian song that I thought wasn't boring. Remember I grew up in the 80's and heavy metal hair bands were what rock'd the airwaves. This female artist was named Rebecca St. James and she had a song called 'God'. It was fairly heavy rock...especially for those days.

After three years of mentoring teens, I think I was about 4yrs as a Christian, I left that ministry and returned to lead in the singles. A new Christian rock station had just started, or I'd just found it. I was growing very tired of all the sexual or depressing pop/country and violent rap/rock music out there...which didn't help me overcome any of my struggles...and no, just buying the instrumental version of a song you already know the bad lyrics to doesn't work well either if you've already heard the lyrics. I know because I tried that. I decided I'd give the station 3 days and then decide whether or not to completely switch music. I listened to a song by Switchfoot called "I dare you to move" and...

I never went back.

Since then I've searched hard for music that is spiritual and fun. I was shocked at the difference it made in my heart and mind. What?! I don't have to self filter? You know what I mean...when a song is bad and you try not to pay attention to that bad word or subject because you just love that beat & sound so much. Whatever...let's get real. It's amazing to now just have positive songs come to mind! I no longer wake up in the morning just to be tortured by certain dirty songs repeating themselves in my head.

I started listening to artists like Hawk Nelson, rappers like KJ-52 and lecrae (Dallas guy), Switchfoot, TobyMac, Yolanda Adams, Jeremy Camp, Fireflight, Tenth Avenue North, Flame, TripLee & SuperChick or Barlow Girls (both of those are great for teen girls too). Now there are so many! We really have options. Are you still settling or making excuses? There is music out there to inspire you as a Christian and lift your spirits. If you haven't yet...maybe you should take a 3 day challenge?

Below are a few songs to give you a tiny sample...these are some of my favorites. Although there are so many, sometimes music can be hard to find if you only rely on the radio to find them. Most of these are not played on local stations 'cause they are still considered too non-traditional for the bible belt. If you have kids, then maybe it can help you to find options for them too! I've found new artists because they were mentioned on another artist's page.

Click here for KJ-52's song this is for the ladies (he sounds a lot like eminem, try his song Plain White Rapper for a little laugh, & Life after Death for humbling chills)

Click here for the song 'Stronger' from Hillsong (rock worship music, they can be tagged as Hillsong, Hillsong Live, Hillsong Chapel, or Hillsong United)

Click here for the song 'One Girl Revolution' by Superchick (heavy version - love it. You might recognize their song Pure)

Lecrae's - Don't waste your life; quick rap (he uses a ton of scriptures!)

Fireflight: Unbreakable (hard rock-she seriously has an amazing voice, the words are deep)

Lecrae & C-Lite - Background (softer style rap, very chill)

Hillsong United - Yours Forever (worship song) Love this one. Don't let these concert videos fool ya. The pit up front has younger folks but the audience is very diverse in age and culture.

Switchfoot - Dare Your To Move (original video)

SuperChick - Stand Up (mob action remix)

Rebecca St. James - God (just for fun- this video is from the mid 90's but don't hold that against the song - lol. if you close your eyes the lyrics still are beautiful)

Happy hunting :)

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