Friday, May 6, 2016

Adoption Update for Mr. T.

Yesterday the lawyer and I emailed about Mr. T's upcoming adoption. Finalization should be on or around July 11th if all things go well and I'm getting excited! As a family, we are having a really good week together which is refreshing because, as many adoptive families can attest, the first few months of building and bonding time are not sunshine and roses. 

In fact, two weeks ago I was on the brink of utter burnout from all the challenges and walls we had hit. Then a girl friend called and I poured out my heart. The way a straight match adoption is set up, there is no respite provide for least not like there is when fostering to adopt. Life has been a whirlwind and I haven't had any significant time to myself in over 6 months. My spirit was becoming numb. After listening and speaking words of comfort and understanding, she shared she was getting all the paperwork in line to get her background check and FBI fingerprinting completed so she could watch the kids for me AND she asked me to plan some rest time for myself while she spent time with them. WHAT?!?! In fact, we decided on a weekend right then and there! She's an angel really. Angie Mack, you are God sent

Suddenly this possibility of an upcoming solo mini-adventure turned my whole mood around. With a respite break now in sight, I gained new perspective and enthusiasm. I've found the perfect little spot for my adventure. Now I'm trying to decide what to do while there. A reading vacation? An artistic retreat? Should I go on a "listening walk" or have a self spa-treatment time? Besides sleep (haha) what does my body, mind, and spirit really need? I'm still working that out but here are a few things I've decided. 

My time away needs to be:
  • SLOW: I want to be at ease, have a breezy nature and mellow out. I purchased an Aeropress kit, grinder and gourmet coffee beans so that I can enjoy the process of making coffee. I will relax and take time to notice sounds around me, smells, and colors.
  • SIMPLE: I'm bringing simple, healthy foods. My clothes will be fresh and comfy. I will unplug and detox my mind. I do not want to think about bills, or housecleaning, yard maintenance or my job. Nor will I spend time thinking about what I should be doing to be a better mom.
  • CREATIVE: I'll only take a favorite quote book, my bible, a sketch pad and some drawing pencils.
The only thing I haven't decided on is if this time should be reflective? The last three years of this certification and adoption journey is about to end and I'm moving to the next chapter. All of our lives are about to change! One of the largest focuses in my life over the past three years has been fostering and adoption but very soon I will be closing my home with the state. I'm honestly excited to close my home!! This means no more training classes, meetings, no more strange regulations like not using tin foil in the fridge and no more requirements to have baby plug protectors in the sockets even though my kids are 10 and 17 years old. This means my kids will not have all the restrictions on them either or so many prying eyes into their lives and thoughts. All three of us are going to have freedoms we've not had in YEARS! 

In light of this, part of me feels the desire to reflect and celebrate this past three years personally as a woman and a Christian. God placed my feet on the doorstep of this exciting section of my life and I've completed the task he gave me of finding the children he had set aside who needed me, specifically. Now, I am a Mom and I have my kids. I know their names, faces, habits, struggles. I know the sound of their laugh, have wiped their tears with my own hand, and hugged them tight before tucking them into their beds. Those special beds inside the rooms I prayed in and over for months...inside the home God put on my heart to purchase in 2010, way before I'd even though super seriously about adopting and yet buying the home all the while knowing and trusting that somehow HE WOULD FILL IT. And He has.

This is actually a monumental time!

I don't want to forget to soak in all these things because of the YES, even just writing that has made it clear. 
  • REFLECTION: I will laugh, shed tears of gratitude and refocus on the excitement of the next new chapter of life with MY children. YAY!!!!
Here are some pre-trip pictures of the my adventure sanctuary. :) I'll post more after my mini-vacation which is still a while away.

PS and other thank you(s): 

I want to thank Rachel Baars for also being so willing to get certified to watch Mr. T. Even though we've not been able to arrange anything yet, her heart to love me and try to meet this need is so moving. I'm also grateful for her willingness to help me get Rene' to some of her Driver's Ed classes!

Thank you to Angela and Mark Thomas for taking time to also drive Rene' to those other Driver's Ed. classes, for your encouragement and love during such a crazy, stressful, joyful time in our lives.

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