Friday, January 16, 2015

Valentine Day Gift Ideas

Did you realize Valentine's day is only 28 days away. Don't wait until the last minute to plan for your special loved one. Take some time to really make them feel special. LOVE is awesome! Whether you are single, dating, or married the fact is we ALL have someone that we can show love and appreciation to. Here are some quick ideas to spark your mind and heart. Please add your own special touch to these and adapt them. I've started out with some basics and added variations to get your creative juices flowing. Enjoy spreading the love!

Gift ideas for Children
  • Tic-Tacs & Tic Tac Toe board. This is precious, can be fun to play together and not too much sugar. 
  • Make the bracelet above for your kid'o. Here's how: Heart bracelets
  • My dad left for work early before mom and I had gotten out of bed but, even if the holiday fell on a weekend, he always left a red box of Valentine chocolates for my mom and a pink one for me when we woke up. Made me feel super special!
  • Leave surprise notes all over the house for kids to find. On them share what you love and appreciate about them.
  • Consider surprising your child in the morning by hanging hearts in their doorway. (or all over the house) On the hearts, write sweet words of encouragement and love. Check Hearts Galore idea here. (picture below)

Gifts ideas for Women
  • Romantic: Simple wine glass (dollar stores are a great place to buy one) - if it's painted, even better. Fill with chocolate, or hand written encouragement notes. Tie a fancy red ribbon around the base for special touch. ** Variation: buy two and enjoy some wine/sparkling cider with a toast in a location that's special to you both. Add simple grapes/cheeses for an "indoor picnic".
  • Poetic: Buy a small, cute box. Write your own poem(s) or print off some special ones. Roll up like a scroll and tied with a fancy red ribbon. Place some real rose petals or silk flowers inside the box along side the poems. Wrap and give with a sweet valentine card.** Variation: After the gift is opened, recite these poems personally to your special person. If there is a special item mentioned in the poem (like a rose, jewelry, etc) consider handing it to them as you speak those words in the poem.
  • Dreamers: Purchase an inexpensive book that would inspire your special person. Inside write a sweet note of love and encouragement. Consider flipping through the book and marking some pages that you think they will enjoy with heart shaped memos.** Variation: Spend time together flipping through the book or making a dream list. Cozy book stores or in front of a fireplace are great locations for this.
  • Inspiration: On squares of beautiful, valentine card stock, write out inspiring quotes or sayings. Carefully hole punch the left corner of each square and loop all the cards together with fancy red ribbon. Please a few chocolates inside and wrap in a pretty valentine box. ** Variation: make each card have positive affirmations or romantic quotes. You can also write on each card things you love about your special person.
  • Simple reminders: Fill a picture frame (valentine theme a bonus) with encouraging words, favorite poems, funny pictures of the two of you, things you have drawn etc. Wrap in valentine gift wrap and include a sweet card. **Variation: Keep & display items from dates by creating a shadow box and embellishing with hearts inside. Some examples are: ticket stubs, branded napkin from a favorite restaurant, tokens, photographs...etc...
Gifts ideas for Men
  • Are there any successful men or someone he admires? Fill a small photo album with quotes from them. Gift-wrap in valentine style and consider writing to him why he is a man you admire.  
  • Gift him a special valentine card and with it provide a food gift certificate/gas card inside. Guys do enjoy practical things sometimes.
  • Gift him tickets to his favorite upcoming sporting event. Surprise him by placing them in a place he won't expect it.
  • Want a gift that gives on Valentine's day and beyond? Give a food, beer, or wine of the month club gift certificate.
  • Cook him a special or favorite lunch/dinner. If a lunch, consider if there is a way to deliver to him at work. If dinner, set a special valentine atmosphere.
  • Bake him something sweet! Wrap up in a simple valentine box and surprise deliver. Consider sharing with him what you find to be "sweet" about him.
  • Buy an accessory for his favorite gadget. Package in a valentine box. Share with him all the special ways he improves your life and makes you smile. 

Here's an idea of a funny, homemade 3-D card. I thought this was priceless and perfect for all those in love! Origami Valentine

 Pop-up Cards instructions:

  • Fold a colorful sheet of paper in half vertically.
  • On the fold, cut four short lines near the middle of that fold.
  • Push the two “flaps” these cuts make towards the inside of the card and make a crease.
  • With construction paper cut out balloons, flowers, or letters spelling your message.
  • Tape or glue these items to the “flaps” inside your card. (make sure these items do not stick out when the card is closed)
  • Glue another piece of paper around the edges to the outside of the card.
  • Write any further messages. (design and date the back)

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