Monday, April 21, 2014

The White Rabbit

"What are you chasing lately?"

It's so fluffy and sweet!

I was chewing on this question above when Alice in Wonderland popped into my mind. Specifically, I pictured when she first meets the White Rabbit. This little White Rabbit who was obsessed with time and who fears being late and not being able to complete his tasks. This hare is always rush, rush, rush. This rabbit is burdened.

As I've been talking to my family lately, one thing has become obvious: I'm chasing tasks so hard that I've over extended myself. As you know, for introverts this can be harmful because we can't keep that fast pace for very long without becoming drained. I've been having tension headaches, bad dreams, tight muscles and bones that crackle. Ha! If I were to be honest, lately I've physically felt terrible even though I'm eating well and exercising. So what gives? 

Well, my "cup of energy" has only drops left in it and I've got to take some time to get a refill! I need to move from being the white rabbit in Alice's story to being a little bunny resting in God's mighty hand! know that's super cute!

So I've made two small decisions to apply for the next two weeks. To help me remember in a fun way, I'll use two recent movie titles. :) 

Frozen - From now until May 5th, my calendar needs to be frozen. No new tasks, commitments, or duties get added. I need the rest because without rest, I'm no good to anyone.
The Lego Movie - The word lego always reminds me of how people in the south say, "let go." LOL. So I've decided to journal daily and pray more specifically about things I need to 'lego' of and surrender to God.

Here's my reminder at work of these decisions. 

So how about you??  "What are you chasing lately?"

Maybe the answer is not a negative. It may be completely positive and wonderful!!! The point is to just check in with yourself and see how you are doing. Check in on what you are focused on this week. Answering this question might just provide you some internal insight. :)


  1. Thanks- this is good stuff & a great reminder! A must read for all us fast paced people

  2. I love the movie theme of the post :-D