Wednesday, September 25, 2013

DIY - Family Values "We Believe In..."

Here's mine! I'm proud of it and so happy with how vivid and fun it is :)

Plain white canvas with vinyl wall letters.
Underneath is a frame I purchased, fun card stock paper and pretty sticker letters.
Easy and high impact.
I was researching a cute “household rules” chart for my home. Something to have in place so my adopted kid’os don’t think I’m just always making rules/stuff up on the fly. HA. I was looking on Pinterest but couldn't find what I was looking for there. So while on the phone talking to Mom, I realized what I really wanted was more of a list of values which I believe in and desire to have in my home. This idea is forming into:

In this home, we believe in…
·        Jesus’ love
·        Respect
·        Dreaming Big
·        Honesty
·        Forgiveness
·        Teamwork
·        Rest & Play
·        Trying Our Best
·        Being Loving
·        Generosity
·        Creativity
·        Prayer

My thoughts are that I want my children to feel inspired towards these values and I want something to guide the child(ren) in simple terms. For example, I want to stress we have a safe place for honesty. You see even though there is joy with adoption, for the child, adoption is taking place because they are experiencing an extremely hard LOSS. So with the value of Honesty, it is useful not only for not lying but in being truthful about expressing hard emotions like sadness. The value of Respect is something I can share with the kids in times of correction. For example, “We don’t pull Trickle’s tail because that does not show respect and is not loving.” Etc...
Well, to the above, right is the one I completed. Below are some other examples...enjoy!DIY Pallet Family Values Art... - my favorite style so far (using my own personalized wording)...with maybe a bit more color!

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