Monday, April 29, 2013

God's Tremendous Care

But now, this is what the LORD says -- he who created you, O
Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel: "Fear not, for I have redeemed
you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine."
-- Isaiah 43:1

We can often ask God, “Don’t you care?”
The disciples did. Mark 4:38
Martha did. Luke 10:40
What about you?

I hope these verses below can sink deep into your heart and inspire you this week. “May the Lord direct your hearts into God's love and Christ's perseverance.”
2 Thessalonians 3:5

Isaiah 49:15-17 (NIV)
 15 "Can a mother forget the baby at her breast
       and have no compassion on the child she has borne?
Though she may forget, I will not forget you!
 16 See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands;
       your walls are ever before me.

Jeremiah 31:3-4 (NIV)
  3 The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying:
       "I have loved you with an everlasting love;
       I have drawn you with loving-kindness.
 4 I will build you up again
       and you will be rebuilt, O Virgin Israel.
       Again you will take up your tambourines
       and go out to dance with the joyful.

Song of Solomon 4:12
You are a garden locked up, my sister, my bride; you are a spring enclosed, a sealed fountain.
Practical: Write down some thoughts on what these words mean in your life right now. Are there other favorite verses that you can think of that share God's heart for you? Take some time to read over them again :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Disciple the Nations

Matthew 28:16-20 (NIV) The Great Commission -
Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted. Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Ahhh, encouraging!! I've studied these verses out and they are well know to many followers of Jesus. I wanted to share something I found interesting about verse 19 because I think often times we feel a pressure to "make disciples" that is unhealthy and we put a larger importance on our part, to "plant and water," instead of trusting God in his part, "to make it grow."

On the Biblios website, the Interlinear bible states verse 19 as:
Πορευθέντες οὖν , μαθητεύσατε πάντα τὰ ἔθνη , βαπτίζοντες αὐτοὺς εἰς τὸ ὄνομα τοῦ πατρὸς , καὶ τοῦ υἱοῦ , καὶ τοῦ ἁγίου πνεύματος ;
The literal translation is "having gone therefore, disciple all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."
If you have ever felt defeated because you haven't "made any disciples lately" or felt an un-Spirit lead pressure to make disciples then I want to encourage you. Let us not fall into the American church teaching that can imply that making a disciple consists of only baptizing someone, then done. (and definitely not that it's just helping someone pray Jesus into their heart...which is an incorrect teaching based on a misapplication of scriptures in Eph.) We are called to disciple the help others (a diversity of others) and to teach them to progressively learn the word of God, encourage them to cling to him, to follow him and to mature in Jesus. There is no "point" at which any of us can boast, "I've made a disciple." It's by God's mercy that disciples of Jesus are made and the opportunity we have as followers of Jesus to disciple the nations is a lifelong journey with people!
WE don't open others hearts...God's word does. WE don't make them obey...God's Spirit leads them. So I hope these scriptures will inspire you further...

- be active in sharing your faith (Philemon 6)
- "plant and water" (1 Cor. 3: 1-9)
- baptize those who decide to follow God so that their sins can be forgiven, teach them, and love, love, love them :] yay! (Matthew 28:16-20 & Matthew 22:37-39)  

I hope you find this encouraging and that you get a chance to check out the Biblios website - it's a wealth of resources!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day Reminders
(a previous post)

The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders; where morning dawns, where evening fades, you call forth songs of joy.

At lunch, I wrote a list of things I currently do to be more eco-friendly. Making lists help me because I can sit here and think, "Oh, I don't really do enough!" but when I write a list I ending up thinking, "Wow! Go me." lol. I like to challenge myself in this area more every year because I do have a conviction that God doesn't want us to just trash the earth He created. I still buy used books though. Since I tend to read more than one book at a time, I've decided to recycle magazine pages and make my own bookmarks. Here's a simple one below (with musical notes) in which I doubled one thicker page over from a magazine and used a glue stick to seal it. Another idea I found was to take an envelope, cut of a corner, and write your favorite quote on...then voila! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, baby!

Want other ideas? Below are some of the things I do:

1.       Have mostly eco-friendly light bulbs

2.       Take advantage of the recycle programs at home & work

3.       Try to carry my own travel mup & make coffee/tea at work

4.       Bring lunch to work

5.       Drive a hybrid

6.       Have house plants in every room of the house & in my office

7.       Buy mostly free range, grass-fed meat

8.       Only get organic eggs

9.       Buy local veggies when possible

10.   Buy Horizon 2% reduced fat, organic milk

11.   Have one dinner per week that’s vegetarian

12.   Purchase vintage furniture, gifts/decor from antique malls

13.   Stay at sustainable B&B’s/hotels while on vacation

14.   Use breeze to cool house whenever possible
15.   Do not buy bottled water but use tap

16.   Installed programmable thermostat at homed

17.   Outside lights are eco & turn on by light sensor only

18.   Low flow shower heads

19.   Only wash full loads in washer & dishwasher

20.   Leave grass clippings on lawn

21.   Water early a.m., and water deep once or twice per week if it hasn’t rained

22.   Do not buy clothes that are “dry clean only”

23.   Eco-friendly Christmas tree & LED lights

24.   Decline shopping bags when I can carry the items

25.   Hang blankets & sheets to dry instead of using dryer

26.   Only have one appliance in kitchen plugged in (coffee maker)

27.   Try not to use Styrofoam

28.   Reuse any plastic bags I end up with (especially for pet waste removal)

29.   Receive my bills electronically & pay bills online

30.   Keep my cats indoors (safer for them and cats kill over 1 billion small birds/animals every year. 1 outdoor cat averages 40 kills per year…which is okay for me if they are only killing snakes and mice – lol)

31.   Wash most clothes in cold water

32.   Gotten off junk mail lists

33.   Have an inside light on a timer

34.   Solar lights outside patio

35.   Have an eco-friendly bamboo mattress and sheets

36.   Have mats at my doors to catch dirt

37.   In process of changing out plastic lunch containers w/glass

38.   Recycle magazines for book marks

39.   Reuse wine corks for decoration projects

40.   Reuse old bricks & rocks from my property for garden path and flower bed lining

You are probably already doing a lot of eco things and might not even realize it. If so congrats, and I hope you'll add one more! God gave us a beautiful earth and I want to care for it and appreciate Him for it.  

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Precious Time

Yesterday I called Compassion because I noticed that Zuhura's picture and profile had disappeared from my account, even the copies of the letters I've written her...gone. The lovely gentleman on the other line said that her sponsor had cancelled their sponsorship of Zuhura and that they had left me a voicemail message. Unfortunately, I did not receive that message. Also, I can't pick up Zuhura's sponsorship because two children are currently my financial limit and I can only commit to writing more children but not sponsoring them. I've known this is a possibility yet I find the absence of any record of her from my account so SAD!

So since I can no longer write her...this is the comfort I find in God and what I would say to her if I had the final chance to write...Zuhura, you are not forgotten by God or by me. He will keep his arms around you and I will keep your photo in it's cute frame in my home and continually pray for you, your family, your life.

Yesterday was FULL of God's reminder not to squander time. This change convicts my heart that I must pray more...for these children and for people that walk in and out of my life each day!! And that I must take every opportunity to encourage and share love! Even yesterday's tragedy in Boston and spending time at work with an estate donor's brother who is 97 years old was the Spirit's reminder. Time is precious!

And as God's Spirit would have it, a joy of the day was that waiting in my mailbox just happened to be my first letter from Rosebell!! And my first letter from any of the children that was actually written BY THEM. So I will close this post with the words she wrote,

"Ms. Amy Baker,
How are you and how is your life? For me, I am okay. I am greeting you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Me, I am with no problem except that my grandmother is sick and my grandfather is sick from pressure and diabetes. They went to Mulaga hospital.
Thank you for praying for me through my holiday. I went back to my school. I am now in first term in primary six. Pray for me so that I can perform well. Other wise I appreciate all the care and guidance you are giving to me. Sending you this verse, Isaiah 55:6 says seek to the Lord while he may be found, call you upon him. Thank you very much.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Poety Picnic

Often during the weekends when people are just starting to stir in the morning, I'm already heading home to enjoy a mid-morning nap. :) This was the case last weekend when I had a "Poetry Picnic." I prepared my Prius hatchback with large pillows and blankets, swung by Starbucks for breakfast and coffee supplies, then headed off to a small park that overlooked a lake in the distance to chill with God and write some verse! It does take planning and commitment to make yourself go and soak in the advantages of having a small adventure like this. Transformation isn't all effort but it does takes some...and I had a wonderful time! :) Here are some of my introspection's from the day.

angel's mow line path
"Crisp apple, spring green dancing leaves mirrors crowd movement at a concert. More bird songs than my ears can count. Cold breeze quickens with the sun rise, deep sigh, ripples move across some standing water that one mesquite tree uses as a vanity mirror. Like an Olympic diver, a large circling bird drops from one elevation to another with precision & iambic style. I imagine angels walking along the edge of the woods like the mow line is their a.m. garden path. They nod a "Good morning, God be yours" greeting and I nod back with a soft grin and a gentle "And yours as well." These are the times of deep life, when you cozy up to imagination and childlike faith. When mystery is your companion and the friend who pulls you along. May the Lord be your God."

mesquite tree and it's vanity mirror
"Bounty within, be true.
Reaching the dreamland, regardless
are beauty and discoveries available.
In moments, live wholly.
Woven courage
the real words, stories, dreams
are stones on the path under foot."

"Spring's day-lit notch of moon
trekking miles beyond, I'm hunting.
Authenticity is my prey;
closed eyes, heart thumping.
When weapon is the written word
moon, you do not have escape!
I'll capture you with ink and fiber
to watch you until night break."

Favorite Poem I read that morning by Christina Rossetti.
It moved me to strengthening tears.
"Wind uses bushes to whisper.
The mason is time, the activity rhyme
and peace is minister.
The sun spotlights leaf in Act One
the lines adlib, nature's participant forgives
the audiences' attention undone. "

Friday, April 5, 2013

Livingroom Concert

This is a mocking bird. I have one perform each morning on my chimney and its song echos down the fireplace right into my living room. I always imagine that a bird's song is praising God and amazingly these birds can make up to 200 different bird songs. :) 

Psalm 104 says, "[The Lord] makes springs pour water into the ravines...The birds of the air nest by the waters; they sing among the branches." (verses 10 &12)

Since it's spring, I'm really trying to have my eyes and hears open to the wonderful pieces of nature that praise God, show his love, and his nurturing. If you're not familiar with a mocking bird, check out this video. Close your eyes and hear it praising God! 

 On mobile? Click here for link: Northern Mockingbird Sings

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Treasure Hunt

Last week was a hard week! There were several days I had emotional breakdowns about all the drama around me. Ya know, sometimes you can pray, cry, talk to others, and read the bible yet you are not magically and instantly better. But...

Take heart - and take Psalm 77. 

"When I was in distress, I sought the Lord; at night I stretched out untiring hands and my soul refused to be comforted....I thought about the former days...I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes I will remember your miracles of long ago." Then the psalmist recounts the exodus of God's people through the Red Sea.

So last week I took my own soul, that refused to be comforted, and followed this psalmists lead. I decided to reflect on God's miracles recorded in scripture too. Sometimes, we all simply read over bible miracles like they are every day occurrences or something. Well, get ready to be amazed! 

My journey last week went like this:

Step One: I went on a treasure hunt...for bible miracles! I love an amazing God and just because I'm having a hard time doesn't mean I have nothing to be inspired by.  

Step Two: Start reflecting. When days are hard, I pick out one miracle and really mediated on it that day to let my heart be moved. And...


Okay, here are some miracles for you to consider...enjoy!!
Excerpt from website I found: "We need to recognize two basic types of miracles - miracles of creation (which supersede the basic laws of nature) and miracles of providence (which operates within those laws but which manipulate the timing, location or rate of natural processes).

Creation Of Matter
Miracle And Reference
Creation of Physical Cosmos:  Geneis 1:1; 2:4; Col. 1:16
Fire and Brimstone:  Genesis 19:24
The Unconsumed Burning Bush:  Exodus 3:3
Daily Bread From Heaven: Exodus 16:35
Water from the Rock: Exodus 17:6
Unfailing Oil and Meal: 1 Kings 17:14
Elijah’s Meal in the Wilderness:  1 Kings 19:6
Increase of the Widow’s Oil:  2 Kings 4:2-6
Feeding of One Hundred Men:  2 Kings 4:42-44
Feeding Five Thousand Men:  Matt. 14:21; Mk. 6:44; Lk. 9:14-17; John 6:10,11
Feeding Four Thousand Men:  Matthew 15:34-38; Mark 8:4-9

Creation of Energy, Force, or Power
Miracle  And  Reference
Energizing the Created Cosmos:  Genesis 1:2,3
Translation of Enoch:  Genesis 5:24
Smoking Furnace and Burning Lamp:  Genesis 15:17
Pillar of Cloud and Fire:  Exodus 13:21
Wall of Water at the Red Sea:  Exodus 14:29
Giving of the Law on Sinai:  Exodus 24:12-18; 31:18
Glory Cloud in the Tabernacle:  Exodus 40:35
Burning of Nadab and Abihu:  Leviticus 10:1,2
Fire of the Lord at Taberah:  Numbers 11:1,2
Sun and Moon Standing Still:  Joshua 10:11-14
Consumption of Gideon’s Offering:  Judges 6:21
Glory Cloud in the Temple:  1 Kings 8:10,11; 2 Chronicles 7:1,2
Fire on Elijah’s People:  1 Kings 18:37-39
Elijah’s Deliverance by Fire from Heaven: 2 Kings 1:10-14
Parting of the Water by Elijah’s Mantle:  2 Kings 2:8
Translation of Elijah:  2 Kings 2:11
Parting of the Waters by Elisha:  2 Kings 2:14
The Floating Ax-head:  2 Kings 6:6
Reversing Shadow on the Sun Dial:  2 Kings 20:11; Isaiah 38:8
Translation of Ezekiel:  Ezekiel 3:14,15
Protection in the Fiery Furnace:  Daniel 3:20-26
Voice from Heaven at Christ’s Baptism:  Matt. 3:17; Mark 1:11; Luke 3:22
Walking on the Water:  Matthew 14:25; Mark 6:48; John 6:19
Transfiguration of Christ:  Matthew 17:2,3; Mark 9:2,3; Luke 9:29-31
Darkness at the Cross:  Matthew 27:45; Mark 15:33; Luke 23:45
Rending of the Temple Veil:  Matthew 27:51; Mark 15:38; Luke 23:45
Ascension of Christ:  Mark 16:19; Luke 24:51; Acts 1:9
Translation of Philip:  Acts 8:39
Rapture of Paul to Paradise:  2 Corinthians 12:2-4

Creation of Order, Information, or Complexity
Miracle  And  Reference
Formation of Atmosphere and Hydrosphere:  Genesis 1:6-8
Formation of Lithosphere and Biosphere:  Genesis 1:9-13
Formation of Astrophere:  Genesis 1:14-19
Formation of Air and Water Animals:  Genesis 1:20-23
Formation of Land Animals:  Genesis 1:24,25
Formation of Man and Woman:  Genesis 1:26,27
Formation of New Tongues at Babel:  Genesis 11:9
Restoration of Moses’ Leprous Hand:  Exodus 4:7
Turning of Rivers into Blood:  Exodus 7:20
Balaam’s Donkey Enabled to Speak:  Numbers 22:28
Healing of Naaman’s Leprosy:  2 Kings 5:14
Healing the Leper:  Matt. 8:3; Mark 1:40,41; Luke 5:12-14
Healing of the Centurion’s Servant:  Matthew 8:13; Luke 7:1-10
Healing of Two Blind Men:  Matthew 9:29-30
Healing a Withered Hand:  Matthew 12:13; Mark 3:5; Luke 6:10
Healing of the Blind and Dumb Demoniac: Mathew 12:22; Luke 11:14
Healing Two Blind Men at Jericho:  Matthew 20:30-34
Healing of the Ten Lepers:  Luke 17:12-14
Turning Water into Wine:  John 2:9-11
Healing of the Nobleman’s Son: John 4:46-52 
Healing of the Crippled Man at Bethesda:  John 5:9
Sight for the Man Born Blind:  John 9:1-7
The Great Catch of Fishes:  John 21:11
Healing at the Beautiful Gate of the Temple:  Acts 3:6-8
Healing of the Cripple at Lystra:  Acts 14:8-10

Creation of Biological Life
Miracle  And  Reference
Creation of Life (Nephesh):  Genesis 1:21
Conception of Isaac:  Gnesis 21:1,2
Transformation of Rod to Serpent:  Exodus 4:2-4
Budding of Aaron’s Rod:  Numbers 17:8
Raising the Widow’s Son:  1 Kings 17:22
Raising the Shunammite’s Son:  2 Kings 4:33-36
Raising at the Tomb of Elisha:  2 Kings 13:21
The Handwriting on the Wall:  Daniel 5:5
Raising of Jairus’s Daughter:  Matthew 9:25
Bodies of Saints Rising:  Matthew 27:52
Raising of the Widows’s Son:  Luke 7:15
Raising of Lazarus:  John 11:43,44
Raising of Tabitha by Peter:  Acts 9:40,41
Raising of Eutychus by Paul:  Acts 20:9-12

Creation of Spiritual Life, or Spiritual Renewal
Miracle  And  Reference
Creation of Man in the Image of God:  Genesis 1:27
Entering of the Holy Spirit into Ezekiel:  Ezekiel 2:2
Virgin Birth of Christ:  Matthew 1:18-25; Luke 1:26-38
Resurrection of Christ:  Matthew 8:6; Romans 8:11; 1 Corinthians 15:42-25
Coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost:  Acts 2:2-6
Reception of the Holy Spirit by Laying on of Hands:  Acts 8:17
Conversion of Saul:  Acts 9:3-7
Holy Spirit Received at the House of Cornelius:  Acts 10:44-46
Holy Spirit Received by the Disciples of John:  Acts 19:6

Miracles performed within the two basic laws governing natural processes, but requiring divine or angelic control of process rate and timing.

Miracle  And  Reference
Simultaneous Eruption of Fountains of the Deep:  Genesis 7:11
Forty-day Global Rain:  Genesis 7:12
Global Wind to Assuage the Flood:  Genesis 8:1
Establishment of the Rainbow:  Genesis 9:13
Removal of the Plague of Flies:  Exodus 8:31
Plague of Hail and Fire:  Exodus 9:23,24
Stopping of the Hail and Fire:  Exodus 9:33
Wind to Remove the Locusts:  Exodus 10:19
Plague of Thick Darkness:  Exodus 10:23
Sweetening of the Waters of Marah:  Exodus 15:25
Wind to Bring in the Quail:  Numbers 11:31
Earthquake to Swallow Korah:  Numbers 16:31-33
Water from the Rock at Meribah:  Numbers 20:10,11
Non-aging Raiment:  Deuteronomy 8:4
Drying of the Jordan:  Josgua 3:15-17
Collapse of the Walls of Jericho:  Joshua 6:20
Stars Fighting Against Sisera:  Judges 5:20,21
Consumption of Gideon’s Offering:  Judges 6:21
Wet Fleece and Dry Ground:  Judges 6:38
Dry Fleece and Wet Ground:  Judges 6:40
Consumption of Manoah’s Offering:  Judges 13:19,20
Thunder on the Philistines:  1 Samuel 7:10
Thunder and Rain for Samuel:  1 Samuel 12:18
The Great Trembling Among the Philistines:  1 Samuel 14:15,16
Sound in the Mulberry Trees:  2 Samuel 5:24
Elijah’s Three-and-one-half-year Drought:  1 Kings 17:1
End of the Drought:  1 Kings 18:42-45
Wind, Earthquake, and Fire:  1 Kings 19:11,12
Healing of the Waters:  2 Kings 2:21
Water Seen as Blood:  2 King 3:22
Meal to Heal Death in the Pot:  2 Kings 4:40,41
Jonah’s Ship and the Tempest:  Jonah 1:4
Star of Bethlehem:  Matthew 2:2-9
Stilling the Waves:  Matthew 8:26; Mark 4:39; Luke 8:24
Earthquake at Calvary:  Matthew 27:51
Earthquake at the Tomb:  Matthew 28:2
Opening of the Tomb:  Matthew 28:2; Mark 16:4; Luke 24:2; John 20:1
Shaking in the Disciple’s Room:  Acts 4:31
Opening the Prison Doors:  Acts 5:19
Release of Peter from Prison:  Acts 12:5-7
Earthquake in Philippian Prison:  Acts 16:25,26

Control of Biological Process Rates or Timing
Miracle And Reference
Migration of Animals to Noah’s Ark:  Genesis 6:20
Transmutation of Lot’s Wife into Salt:  Genesis 19:26
Plague of Frog Multiplication:  Exodus 8:6
Death of Frogs:  Exodus 8:13
Plague of Lice:  Exodus 8:17
Plague of Flies:  Exodus 8:24
Plague of Murrain on Cattle:  Exodus 9:3
Plague of Locusts:  Exodus 10:13-15
Non-swelling Feet:  Deuteronomy 8:4
Jonah Preserved in the Whale:  Jonah 2:10
The Gourd and the Worm:  Jonah 4:6,7
Withering of the Fig Tree:  Matthew 21:19; Mark 11:20,21
Heavy Draught of Fishes:  Luke 5:6

Acceleration of Decay Processes in Human Bobies
Miracle  And  Reference
Mark on Cain:  Genesis 4:15
Plague on Pharaoh’s House:  Genesis 12:17
Blindness of the Sodomites:  Genesis 19:11
Barrenness of Abimelech’s Wives:  Genesis 20:18
Shrinking of Jacob’s Thigh:  Genesis 32:25
Leprosy in Moses’ Hand:  Exodus 4:6
Plague of Boils:  Exodus 9:10
Plague of Firstborns Death:  Exodus 12:29
Plague from Eating Quail:  Numbers 11:33
Miriam’s Leprosy:  Numbers 12:10
Plague from Following Balaam:  Numbers 25:8,9
Destruction of Samson’s Strength:  Judges 16:17-19
Plague from Presence of the Ark:  1 Samuel 5:2-11; 6:19
Death of Uzzah from Touching the Ark:  2 Samuel 6:6,7
Plague from David’s Census:  2 Samuel 24:15,16
Leprosy on Elisha’s Servant:  2 Kings 5:27
Blindness of the Syrians:  2 Kins 6:18
Slaying of Sennacherib’s Army:  2 Kings 19:35
Uzziah’s Leprosy:  2 Chronicles 26:19,20
Madness of Nebuchadnezzar:  Daniel 4:31-33
Death of Christ:  Matthew 27:50; Mark 15:37; Luke 23:46; John 19:30
Dumbness of Zacharias:  Luke 1:20
Death of Ananias:  Acts 5:5
Death of Sapphira:  Acts 5:10
Death of Herod:  Acts 12:23
Blindness of Elymas:  Acts 13:11

Acceleration of Healing Processes in Human Bodies
Miracle And Reference
Removal of Plague from Pharaoh’s House:  Genesis 12:17
Healing the Womb of Abimelech’s Wife:  Genesis 20:17
Rebekah’s Barrenness Healed:  Genesis 25:21
Rachel Made Fertile:  Genesis 30:22
Healing of the Serpent Bites:  Numbers 21:8
Restoration of Samson’s Strength:  Judges 16:28-30
Conception of Samuel:  1 Samuel 1:27
Stopping of the Numbering Plague:  2 Samuel 24:16
Conception by the Shunammite:  2 Kings 4:17
Healing of Hezekiah:  2 Kings 20:5-7
Removal of Nebuchadnezzar’s Madness:  Daniel 4:34-36
Healing of Peter’s Mother-in-law:  Matthew 8:15; Mark 1:31; Luke 4:39
Healing of the Palsied Man:  Matthew 9:6; Mark 2:12; Luke 5:25
Stopping the Issue of Blood:  Matthew 9:22; Mark 5:29; Luke 8:47
Healing of the Deaf and Dumb Man:  Mark 7:32-35
The Blind at Bethsaida:  Mark 8:22-25
Blind of Bartimaeus:  Mark 10:46-52; Luke 18:35-43
Conception of John the Baptist:  Luke 1:24
Removal of Zacharias’s Dumbness:  Luke 1:64
Man with the Dropsy:  Luke 14:4
Restoration of the Severed Ear:  Luke 22:51
Removal of Saul’s Blindness:  Acts 9:18
Healing of Aeneas:  Acts 9:33,34
Healing of the Viper Bite:  Acts 28:3-6
Healing of Publius’s Father:  Acts 28:8

Casting Out Demons
Miracles And Reference
Evil Spirit in Saul:  1 Samuel 16:23
Two Men in the Gaderene Tombs:  Matthew 8:28-32; Mark 5:2-13; Luke 8:26-33
Dumb Man in Capernaum:  Matthew 9:32,33
Blind and Dumb Man:  Matthew 12:22; Luke 11:14
Syro-Phoenician Woman’s Daughter:  Matthew 15:22-28; Mark 7:25-30
Demon-possessed Child:  Matthew 17:14-18; Mark 9:17-27; Luke 9:38-42
Capernaum Synagogue Demoniac:  Mark 1:23-26; Luke 4:31-37
Mary Magdalene:  Luke 8:2
Woman with Spirit of Infirmity:  Luke 13:11-13
Damsel at Philippi:  Acts 16:18

Providential Timing of Events
Miracles And Reference
Meeting of Rebekah and the Servant:  Genesis 24:14,15
Growth of Jacob’s Flock:  Genesis 31:9
Holding Up Moses’ Hands:  Exodus 17:11
Identification of Guilty Achan:  Joshua 7:18
Blessing on House of Obed-Edom:  2 Samuel 6:12
Prophet Slain by the Lion:  1 Kings 13:24
Elijah Fed by Raven:  1 Kings 17:6
Elisha and the Bear:  2 Kings 2:24
Deliverance of Jehoshaphat:  2 Chronicles 20:20-24
Daniel in the Lion’s Den: Daniel 6:22
Preparation of Jonah’s Fish:  Jonah 1:17
Tribute Money and the Fish:  Matthew 17:27

Click this link to go to an even fuller list; that's right...there's more!
 - Miracles of the Bible website

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Coloring My Life

Do you know what this is?
It's purple basil. I think the color is amazing and I'm really drawn to vibrant colors in my home! This is especially true since the realtor had all the walls and ceilings painted the same color. My decorating style is eclectic and my newest project is an accent wall for my kitchen. I started off by just painting above the cabinets to make certain I was happy with it before painting the whole wall.

I like it!

Now, the old caulking needs to be removed and replaced around the counter tops before proceeding, which is why it's still half finished, but once that's done, I'll go the distance. YAY! Painting is such an easy way to spruce things up! Have you done any fun projects lately?

Olympic - Purple Basil Interior Paint

Monday, April 1, 2013

A Date with Jesus

Easter celebration is such a fun Sunday activity. I enjoy being around my brothers and sisters as we worship God and rejoice in a Saviour who is living and interceding for us! But yesterday, I didn't feel well so I had to stay home from church. I've learned a lot about myself and my relationship with God during my illnesses. It would be easy to sit around and relax but I want to be unified in spirit even during those times that come up when I can't physically be unified in person!

So, I decided I was going to have a date with Jesus and have a celebration of our own! I made a relaxing, soft pallet outside on my garden patio, took my bible, journal, and orange juice & spent time with God. It was beautiful, warm sun, breezy, and quiet. Do you remember what quiet sounds like?? ahhhh....
I sat there and watched the most amazing clouds zoom by, spoke to God about the past week and all the moments I wish I had responded with greater faith, and asked God for a clearer vision into the truest kind of relationship with Him and for wisdom, trust, and faith. Next I flipped open my bible and turned to read in Matthew 8. The last verse I read was verse 13 which says, "Then Jesus said to the centurion, 'Go! It will be done just as you belived it would.' And his servant was healed at that very hour."

At that moment I heard it...

...and it wasn't the simple chirp, chirp, chirp but the rare beautiful song of the red cardinal. I looked around and saw him briefly in my rose of sharon tree then in an instant he flew off. A minute or so later, his bright red body shimmered against the light blue sky and my bright yellow chimney and he continued to sing to me. After that he flew to my large fig tree and in between the fresh new growth of fig leaves, he surround me with song. It was a magical Easter and I spent some wonderful time with my strong Jesus.

If you wonder why this red cardinal's visit was so impactful to my heart, read these two posts :)
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