Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I Thought of You Today

"Hmmm...we use to talk all the time. I should call her and see how she's doing lately."

"Why does that guy & his mom at church keep popping up in my mind?"

"I don't know if that woman needs help so why do I feel like I should give her a secret gift of money?"

"That customer is really coming down on that guy and he's just doing his job, maybe I should encourage him?"

Stopped at a red light, "Should I give that homeless man my take-home food from lunch?"

"Why did I just wake up at 2am and think of that man in the hospital and his family?"

"This picture would encourage Marie, I should send it to her."

Random thoughts? I believe with ALL MY HEART that they are not random. God's Spirit guides, leads and prompts us continually. Yet, how many of us follow through on these thoughts and how many simply blow them off as nothing?

A few weeks ago, I was praying & crying my eyes out and more discouraged than I've been in two years. All of a sudden, I received a text message with a cute cat picture from a friend. Knowing this was not a coincidence, I prayed, "Okay, God, I'll text her and ask her for prayers." I texted and commented on appreciating the picture because I was feeling so discouraged and asked her to pray for me. Then she text back and asked if we could talk. I cried on the phone to her, she prayed for me and by the end of our phone call my heart was lifted. As I thanked her for following what God had put on her heart she said, "I just thought you'd like that picture so I sent it to ya." But I knew it was even more than that...God had put me on her heart and I am confident of this because God puts others on mine. :)

Lately, I've been talking alot with people about this and EACH person has ended up talking about someone that's been put on their heart recently. In fact, the examples above are from these conversations. Has someone been coming to mind or on your heart lately? Don't delay. Don't be lazy. Maybe they need encouragement, a listening ear, a cute card, some support or depending on the situation maybe you just could pray for them? God could be wanting to use you to help others in ways you may not even exciting is that?! 

I'd love to hear what you think about this or any situations that may have come up recently for you too! May you follow His Spirit - Have a wonderful day.

Some verses to consider: Psalm 143:10, Romans 8:14, Luke 4:1

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