Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Special Guest

Two friends are coming over. They are bringing all the fixings for dinner and they have offered to help me with some housework. (Thanks Angie & Nikki!) Their help is a huge blessing for me yet even more just their presence in my home and the fellowship with them excites me! I enjoy having house guests. My parents even call my home their personal bed and breakfast. :)

my guest room
What do you do when you have visitors coming over? Well if you're like me, then you get the house all ready. I like to clean and straighten up when guests are on their way. My desire is to have a home that is safe, warm, and relaxing for friends and family. During my Coffee & Cozy this morning, I shut my eyes and tried to put my post called Trust the Picture into practice. I focused on only God and found myself picturing a scene from Isaiah 6. As I sat there picturing God, suddenly everything changed and I envisioned him walking into my living room. All I saw was his presence walk in and his robe fill my whole living room. Whoa!

I felt myself get so excited to think that the God of the Universe would just walk in and be my special guest. Then I remembered that the Creator is always present! (Check out: Ps. 46:1, Ps. 89:15, Ps. 139:7) He's always here, I just forget. In Luke 14:2b, Jesus says that he is leaving earth to prepare a place for his followers. I started asking myself, "Have a prepared a place for the Lord in my home? At my job? In my schedule? Do I set up my times with God the way I get ready for a guest in my home or does He just get the 'left overs'? "

So today I decided to spend time remembering and reflecting that my God is always my Special Guest. Today my focus is to give Him ALL my best! :)

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