Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Love at Home

To the man I've waited all my life to meet:
It's so sweet to finally know
I can put my life in your hands
and let you love my soul.

Only you can caress my thoughts tenderly.
Only you can move my heart
or repair it when I gave it away too soon
and another ripped it apart.

I've searched all through the mountains
and skimmed over every sea...
how ironic to find you in my house
patiently waiting for me
to finally get tired of taking my life
and warping it with my own hands.
And with all understanding and gentleness,
you took my hand and I took a chance.

Now, my Love, the music's never-ending
and it's sung by the angels aloud.
My Lord it was You I'd been looking for
in meaningless faces of crowds!

Let me give You all that I have
that others tried to cherish in vain.
Let me be the woman You created
and may our love show where You reign.

~Love at Home; written by me Oct. 16, 2000

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