Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Prayers of Adoration

Mount Esja: summit of Þverfellshorn

In my "coffee & cozy times" each day with God, I often write in a journal. Last night, I was looking through one of my favorite personal journals written in 2010 and came across at least a week's worth of prayers of adoration. Reading them again I was completely inspired! At the time I read through a psalm then would write one of my own. These prayers are so good for your spirit.

When was the last time you had a prayer FULL of sharing with God how you regard Him with the utmost esteem and love or what a great team you make and how you see His help and thank Him? King David did this a great deal when he composed a psalm. Even when he would share frustration, he still found a way back to a place of adoration when speaking to or about God.

Practical: Write your own prayers of adoration and keep them to read again when you need encouragement and reminders of how awesome God is!

Here is some background to the short prayer of adoration below that I wrote after reading psalm 18. God and I were knocking Iceland off the dream list and I had just climbed Mount Esja to the summit of Þverfellshorn during the midnight sunThe hike had been much more challenging than the guide had said it would be. We had to use hiking poles, I saw several people get injured, some had to descend back down the mountain bleeding (the rocky trails made the hike 'slippery') and the last section of the ascent turned into rock climbing with chains bolted into the mountain. The complete round trip hike took 5 hours of almost straight hiking. I knew this hike was a big deal for me yet later I realized what a huge accomplishment it would be to most people. The next few days when I spoke to several Icelanders and when they found out I had done the hike they each had a look of shock and responded, "Ah, one day I'll climb Mt. Esjan."

A Psalm of Mount Esja ~"I love you Lord, Jesus. You were on the mountain by my side last night. Your Spirit was around me strengthening me and I did not even realize at the time. Now Lord, I see it, for how else could I have made it? We know I'm not so strong alone. But with you. Yes! With you, I take on things that seem too big. Vacations & travel alone, mountains, challenges, temptations! Amen, you are my help. Yes. You are the chain I cling to, fastened securely in the Rock. Dangers & cliffs, slips & falls to my right. If I stepped off your path it would be painful & scary. I begged in my heart for help and strength and, as always, you provided. We dodged falling rocks and even encouraged others. You make me stand VICTORIOUS on the mountain top. (little stick figure drawing of me in victory on the mountain top-lol)

Oh God, let me not forget our moments! Let me see the positive. You truly reached down from on high and pulled me up. You helped me because you love and delight in me and my 'never tap out' spirit. You are so faithful. With your help...I can do anything. I can scale a mountain.

"He makes my feet like the feet of deer; he enables me to stand on the heights." vs 33. Arna from the bed and breakfast said that I will feel even more sore tomorrow. HA. She also says that she really admires me for accomplishing this. Amen, God! That praise is yours."


  1. I love this!! So encouraging! I used to change the lyrics of songs and write almost "Psalms" to God... Very cool, love u!

  2. Gives a whole new meaning to the psalm that says "With my God, I can scale a mountain." :)