Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vision Board: "Write Down This Vision"

Wow, it's been a challenging day! I thought I wouldn't blog again until the new year but a project that I finished about an hour ago has really helped me to get perspective. Today is a day of cleansing in a lot of ways for my body, mind, and soul. This a.m. I pasted scriptures all over the house and committed to spending 10 minutes meditating on each one of them. Even though I know God placed this activity on my heart, I've had to make myself do it...but during and after each time I'm totally happy that I did. All kinds of junk has been coming out of my heart...I don't know why I'm surprised...after all that's what 'cleansing' is meant to do. Thanks God for taking the pruning clippers to me!

Because God is always one step ahead of us, He seems to have put a project on my heart yesterday, probably cause he knew it would lift my spirit up after a day of getting the dirt out. The timing is excellent. I really needed the refreshment.

In Habakkuk 2:2 the Lord says, "Write down this vision; clearly inscribe it on tablets so one may easily read it." (HCSB)

The Lord isn't talking about doing this project but the words fit well. ha. Since yesterday I've been working to create a Vision Board. I got so excited that I made two! Basically, I wanted something positive that I could glance at to motivate and inspire me. I made one with mostly pictures to have at home and I placed it on my vanity in the master bathroom so I could see it as I get ready for work. The other one, made up mostly of words, I'd like to take to work and hang on the wall above my dual monitors. For some reason, I find inspiring words very uplifting. Just looking at the word happy can make me happier so the one for work tends to be my favorite. ha.

I'm praying that God will help me focus on the good in life, the positive outcomes, and focus on the hope that I have. In my sinful nature, I'm a critic and cynical so I'm continually looking for things to get me directed back toward Jesus and to remember things are great 'cause I'm heaven bound.

Hope you enjoy looking at them too :)

For work
For home

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