Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas time with God

I enjoy Christmas music! The holidays can be a challenging time to stay close to God because of our rushing around and changes in schedule. One way I like to protect my relationship with God during the holidays is to come up with a plan of action. Some years I print off a week's worth of my favorite Christmas songs. During my time with God, I'll pull it out and find the scriptures in the bible that the song is based on...I may even sing it! :) What are your favorite songs at Christmas time? Maybe you could use them to keep you focused this holiday season?

Something else I've done is to record 30 minutes of my favorite Christmas or worship music on a CD. I enjoy spending some time just listening to music that focuses me on God. I often add a song in the middle of the 30 minutes that's just instrumental so I can journal or pray. A benefit of this type of time with God is that you don't have to be a 'clock-watcher' because once the CD is finished you know what amount of time has passed. Normally, I can fit two 30 minute sessions of music on one CD. Perhaps you should give these ideas a try?

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